The beauty trends that will make it big in 2022

2021 is ending, and we are sure you’ve sworn to start have a proper skincare regime. However, before you set those skincare regimes, let us tell you some beauty and skincare trends to look out for the next year. Honestly, it seems like skincare experts are ready for experimentation, and we are here to spill the tea!


When it comes down to skincare, microdosing is all about dropping fewer amounts of different acids, including glycolic, with active ingredients, such as retinol. This skincare method is the same as utilizing a minimal amount of drugs to eliminate the side effects. It’s evident that excess of these acids can harm the skin or result in hypersensitive skin.

Having said that, microdosing includes a lower concentration of these active ingredients, but that doesn’t take away from the effectiveness of the skincare products. According to dermatologists, microdosing ensures that every ingredient has sufficient concentration and is paired with mellow ingredients to deliver the best skincare outcomes.

Refillable Packaging

According to research, around 7.9 billion rigid plastic units are created every year in the U.S., so it’s evident that the skincare industry has a plastic issue. For this reason, beauty and skincare products are coming out with refillable packaging, and in 2022, more brands are coming with it. Similarly, these brands are setting up product stations at big stores for people to refill the containers – how fascinating!

Fermented Skincare

If you have ever searched for DIY skincare on YouTube, we are sure you have seen some “beauty” experts asking you to make rice water toner. Now, it seems like the skincare industry has watched those videos because fermented skincare will be the next-big-thing in the skincare world. Fermented skincare will help reduce inflammation, and since the ingredients are more natural, your skin will only improve, even with the higher penetration and potency.

Skin Barrier Protection

The skin barrier is important to take care of your skin, retain the moisture and glow. Since modern skincare products have active ingredients but doesn’t have many instructions, resulting in the damaging of skin barriers. For this reason, skin barrier protection is the ultimate skincare trend for 2022 and will help people strengthen the skin barrier and retain moisture.

For the most part, people start using retinol without proper instructions, resulting in acne issues and dry patches on the skin. Having said that, it’s best to opt for skincare products with fatty acids and ceramides as they provide support to the skin microbiome. In addition, skincare products with probiotics, prebiotics, and niacinamide as they help soothe the skin and promise restoration of the skin barrier.


With each passing day, many people are trying to reduce the skincare products in their vanity. This is the prime reason people are opting for a tinted sunscreen. However, in 2022, skincare brands will come out with streamliners that have sufficient SPF and additional boosters to provide multiple benefits from one product – it’s not only convenient but affordable as well!