The Role Of Essential Oil In Perfume & How To Increase Perfume’s Longevity

You wake up, get ready, and spray some perfume on you to smell good all day long – what a bummer it must be when it wears out after an hour, right?

Well, it doesn’t matter how expensive your perfume is, it’s all about wearing the right perfumes and the right way to wear perfume. Also, when it comes down to the right perfumes, the ones with essential oils are always preferred, but why?

To help you find answers to these questions, we are sharing the role of essential oils in perfume and how you can increase the longevity of the perfume when worn!

Role Of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been a constant part of aromatherapy for years and are known to capture the essence and scent of the plant. Every essential oil has unique aromatic compounds, which gives them a significant essence. Having said that, the top notes of essential oil are known for fast-acting, fresh, and uplifting properties, which is why they are mixed with perfumes to create a first impression on the customer.

Some of the most common essential oils used in the perfumes include lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, and orange, and we are tapping into how these essential oils impact the perfume;

  • Lemon Essential Oil – its scent improves productivity and uplifts the mood, which is why it’s a common addition to stimulating and fresh perfume compositions
  • Orange Essential Oil – it has a versatile scent, ranging from refreshing and sweet to exotic and tropical notes. For the most part, the orange essential oil is used in the bitter form as it complements the grapefruit and sweet orange-scented perfumes
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil – it has a pleasantly tangy, sharp, and sweet aroma with a light profile. In fact, it has soothing effects which help relieve anxiety, making it a fine choice for women’s perfume

In addition to these citrus essential oils, lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus essential oils are also appreciated in the fragrance formulation. In simpler words, essential oils add soothing effects to the perfumes, which helps relax the body while rejuvenating it.

How To Increase The Longevity Of Perfumes

If your perfume doesn’t smell the same during your lunch break as it did in the morning when you were getting ready, we have some tips to help you retain the fragrance all day long!

Apply On Pulse Points

If you didn’t know why it’s an “etiquette” to apply perfume on the pulse points, now you know that it helps increase longevity. This is because the pulse points have the thinnest skin, making it closer to the body’s heat and blood, which leads to warming up of fragrance and beginning of aroma process.


Stop Rubbing The Wrists

Once you apply perfume on the pulse points, it’s only instinctive to rub them together but stop yourself. This is because it results in quick burning of the top notes. On the other hand, if you want to blend two fragrances together, tap your wrists rather than rubbing and creating friction. Also, you can dab the wrist on your neck and the arm to transfer some scent without losing the longevity.

On Your Heart

When you are applying perfume on pulse points for radiating the scent, what makes you think the heart won’t (when it has the strongest pulse)? So, start spraying perfume on your heart area and watch it diffuse around you all day long.

Right After The Shower

If you are a fan of hot showers, spraying perfume right away will help open up the fragrance (the steam works its magic). In addition, a shower means that your skin will be clear of excess oil and sweat, which tends to buffer the fragrance. Not to forget, shower means open pores, resulting in better chances of holding the fragrance.

Hydrate Your Skin

Sure, hydrating and moisturizing the skin is great for anti-aging, but it also helps hold the fragrance for a longer time. In fact, you can even lather up some body lotion over the perfume, and the fragrance will last a long time.

Layer The Fragrance

We all have heard about layering clothes, but layering the fragrance – what is it? Well, the drill is to apply perfume and top it up with a scented lotion. In fact, if you can get a lotion and perfume duo, that’s even better to create your signature scent.

So, are you ready to smell amazing all day long?